SFB TR6 Summer School on Soft Matter

"Colloids in external fields: Physics and applications"


Scope of the School

Colloidal particles in an external field are excellent model systems to study condensed matter in controlled equilibrium and non-equilibrium situations. Hence fundamental insight into the physics of phase transitions can be gained by real-space experiments, statistical mechanical theories and computer simulations. Furthermore, the control of colloids in an external field allows the study of biomaterials and opens the way for diverse biological and biomedical applications.

The Summer School will cover the following topics:
  • phase transitions of colloids in equilibrium, phase separation, crystallization, aggregation
  • anisometric colloidal particles
  • colloidal suspensions under shear, electro- and magnetorheologic systems
  • density functional theory, mode coupling theory
  • computer simulations of colloids in external fields
  • DNA manipulation with optical and magnetical tweezers
  • bio-medical application of magnetic colloids
  • colloids as contrast agents in medical imaging


A. van Blaaderen (Utrecht), D. Bensimon (Paris), J. Bibette (Paris), K. Binder (Mainz), G. Bossis (Nice), J.K.G. Dhont (Jülich), M. Fuchs (Konstanz), C. Holm (Frankfurt), E. Hornes (Oslo), H. Löwen (Düsseldorf), R. N. Muller (Mons), G.J. Vroege (Utrecht), D. Weitz (Cambridge, Ma.)